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Lolitas daddys little girls


Related article: Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:32:22 +0000
From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #8 incest Jay had been waking up mornings with a raging hard on,it had been
what seemed forever since he had felt hard nude preteen lolita russian dick inside his quivering ass
His dad had been taking care of his home work because his mom was giving
him such a hard time.Jay watched them one night as his dad rammed that big rod of his in and out
of her pussy like it was a pile driver.It really aroused Jay as he listened
to the bed springs making all that noise,not because of seeing his moms
pussy,but from the sound of his dads cock squeshing in and out and the
sound of the springs.Needless to say,he jacked off later,shooting a huge gush of young,hot semen
over his belly.
He had taken to licking up his spern every time he beat his meat,he found
he craved the taste of warm jisam.When he could not stand it any longer,he went on the prowl,he touched all
the base'es,but had no luck,then he met Ned as he came out of an alley.
After a lot of persuasion,he finally managed to get him down the alley.Ned was still protesting about it being out in the open as Jay removed his
tee and shorts.
Neds mouth shout as his eyes caught sight of Jay's beautiful young
ass,along his smooth, sexy, little body,that was all it took.Jay sat on top of the carbage can as Ned dropped his pants,he was all ready
bare from the waist up.Ned then stepped forward between his legsAs Jay
quickly wrapped them around his waist,Neds oversized cock sliding easly up
Jay's throbbing ass hole.Jay wrapped his arms around Neds neck as he pressed his soft lips over
his,burying his tongue in his mouth.
Ned got right to it,pounding Jay's ass fast and hard as the carbage can
made all kinds of noise.That noise,along with the sound of trucks and mixed with Neds panting and
heaving,together with the sizzling excitement brought Jay to a devastaing
orgasm as soon as Neds cock began hunching.
Strangely,it seemed to have the same exfect on Ned,torrents of semen gushed
inside Jays male pussy,his body shook violently in spasms of ecstay.Brief as it was,it was a fantastic experence for both of them.As Ned
removed his cock dripping with his cum,Jay quickly took charge,sucking it
free of the warm cream.
Ned was not to be out done even if they were right out in broad daylight,
he knelt,parted Jays butt cheeks and proceeded to remove his semen form
Jay's ass with a loud and greedy sucking mouth,licking clean the crack of
his fresh fucked ass.Now I have to get back to work you over sexed little shit,leave me alone
for awhile,ok?"he said,laughing,then looked around before leaving the
Had he stayed and watched Jay writing on the wall,he would have shit,there
the words stood out plainly,"Jay was fucked here by Ned".
It never hurts to advertise,Jay thought,smiling.Jay now felt better as he started home,but that quivering feeling was still
insdie his ass.
After lunch he had a milkshake across from the main door of the plant wher
his dad worked,he was hoping to see Mr Palmer when he came in,he could
still feel that big cock of his plunging in and out of his love hole, but
he never came in that day.It was mid afternoon,so he thought he would look for Kevin,taking a short
cut through the park.
Kevin had this thing about cruising the park rest rooms,so far,Jay had been
a little leery of trying that,there was a lot of bikers who camped in the
park this time of year.There was no movement around the rest room,so he svens place thaimisc lolita moved on,then he spotted
Kevins bike ,leaning against the shrubs.
Kevin was no where around,but Jay heard someone talking on the other
side,he creeped through the bushes and peeked out,there was Keving,down on
his knees sucking one of the bikers huge sausages.Another had lifted kevin up as yet a third pulled his pants off,exposing
his bubble shaped buns.
Jay watched as the guy squirted his cock,then placing it between Kevs
buttocks,he rammed home,Kevins feet left the ground as he made a muffed
sound,his nmouth still full of the other guys cock.A hand went around Jay's mouth as strong arms lifed him in the air like a
rag doll.
"Come on in little man,don't be bashfull",the guy said."Lets see how nice
that ass of yours is."Jay was quickly undressed as the huge biker placed him on the tank of his
"Oh yeah,your a little doll,huh baby."The guy said,as he gazed at Jays
body,his finger working inside his ass."Well,how about that,this little shit has all ready been fucked,you like
cock up that pussy boy?
Jay just stared at the guy,and he slapped him,"Answer me boy!You like being
fucked?""Ye--s s--ir"Jay stammered.
"Good,because this is what your about to enjoy sweetie."The guy said,as he
reeled out one of the largest cocks Jay had ever seen and he had taken lolitas russian kids pics
big ones.The name on the guys helmet said,"Killer" and Jay believed it,he might even
kill him with that cock.
Killer straddled the seat facing Jay,placing a hand under each knee,he
lifted them up,pressing backward,pushing Jay's knees up beside his head,his
back now laying flat on the gas tank.The guy had a bottle filled with what looked like water that he squirted
over his cock,then placed the tip up Jay's ass,squirting him full.
"Ok pussy,lets see what ya got."He said,as he plced the big knob of his
cock to Jay's anus,slowly spreading him open.
Jay knew by now to relax his body,especially the muscle in his retum.Killer looked down,watching as his monster spear ther boys young ass,amazed
how his ass had stretched open to a perfect ring.
Jay moaned as he gripped the handle bars of the bike tightly,his head
rolling from side to side as he gritted his teeth.His ass felt as thought it were ripping wide open,burning like there was a
fire inside.
"Enough,please!"He begged,but killer only smiled and pushed deeper inside."You'll feel like it's coming out your mouth pretty boy,before it's all in
there."He said,smiling.
Three guys were standing around drinking beer as they watched
"Damm killer,you done went and tore that sweet little boys pussy open."They
laughed.Killer was in all the way now,making Jay feel as though there was a dozen
cock up his hole.
He was delited when the pain began to ease up,slowly becoming tolorable.
When Killer began to move in and out,he even found himself enjoying it a
little.There was a shiny,round object hanging around the guys neck,jay could see
his cock moving in and out of his ass and the sight excited him no end.
One of top 100 lolota models
the other guys began to suck his nipples,biting on them now and
then,another was doing his best to keep his cock in Jays mouth.As the guy turned Jay's head,he could see Kevin,there was a guy fucking him
and another was straddeling the guys cock,working his in ontop of the first
one,they were double dicking him.Another had his meat in kevs mouth,as yet
another was pissing in his face and over his chest.The Jay lost sight of them as the guy he was sucking unloaded a flood of
spern in his mouth,telling him to swallow every drop and he obeyed.
One of the othere straddle Killers cock,working his up Jay's ass,just as
the guys were doing Kev.Another cock was shootin jisam in his face as yet another was filling his
mouth a second time.
Funny,Jay remembered thinking,would his ass ever shrink back to size?
There was a second cock working inside his mouth,stretching open like his
ass,he now had four cocks raping his body.The two guys in his mouth were jacking off as he sucked and were soon
shooting warm cream all over his face and in his hair,the aroma of spern
was everywhere.
Jay could even feel it running down the crack of his ass.He could see Kevin again now,they had him laying on a picnic table flat on
his belly with his feet on the ground.
There were three of them lined up,holding there dicks as one was ramming
like a wild man up his his ass.The two cocks had left his ass long ago,but had ben replaced by others one
at atime.He could not remember the loads of cum he had taken in his mouth
and swallowed,nor the times they had pissed in his mouth,making him
drink,washing down the spern.They brought Kevin over,making him suck Jay's ass and lick his ravaged hole
clean,afterwards,making Jay do the same for Kev.
Jay hated to admit it,but he enjoyed eating kev ass,tasting all that cum.Finally,they lay both boys on the ground,side by side,all lolitas daddys little girls
ten guys stood
around them with there cocks out.All at once they began to piss out the
beer they had been drinking.
The boys bodies was covered with warm piss as Killer ordered them to open
there mouths.Once again the boys were drinkingwarm piss,swallowing to keep from
choking.Then the altamate insult,a base ball abt was greased and shoved up
Jays ass,he could see the wild look on Kevs face as he feared he was next.One of the guys ran up and said something to killer,he sanpped and order
and each man quickly fired up his bike.
The one holding the bat up Jay's ass jerked it hot young lolitas preteenz
out in one pull,making a
popping sound,Jay could not believe he had an orgasm as the bat popped
out,it was a real gusher.The two boys quickly rounded up there clothes,starting out the bushes when
they noticed a squad car near the restrooms.
They back tracked,making for the lake where they jumped in to wash off.
The cool water felt good to Jays ass hole,esing up the pain.They dressed,both heading for there respected places.
Needless to say,Kevin resisted the urgeto cruise the restooms again right
Jay lay low for weeks,letting his ass hole get back to it's origanal shape.There was till nights he thought about the experence and would obtain an
erection that dammnear burst before he had his orgasm.
He could not believe that after what he had been through,he was once again
craving cock and the taste of spern..............
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not be opened,thank you.rimmer72450hotmail.com
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